Import Services

We help you find the best sources of procuring raw material, products & services in Africa, from reliable sources. We offer:

  • Procurement Consultancy
  • Procurement Handling
  • Trip to identify and secure imports
  • Identifying the suppliers that suit your needs
  • Outsourcing your procurement department
  • Direct/Indirect procurement
  • Research
  • Trip
  • Outsourcing

Our clients choose

reliable & safe

All Sectors

We help you import regardless the sector your company belongs

Import Trips

We go to the desired market, meet your future suppliers and seal the deal.

Full Outsourcing

We handle the day to day import operations on your behalf.

Continuous Support

We guide you and advise on a frequent basis so you avoid pitfalls and suceed.

Why companies choose us

Market Knowledge

We know the market first hand, not from the Internet and publications

We do it on the ground

We travel and do research on the field, not from the office

We take it over

We handle all your procurement top to bottom and you get the results delivered.