Business Development Trip

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Preparation & Execution: We prepare our approach based on our prior research (Export Marketing plan) and we travel to the target country with or without an executive from your company.  There, we apply the most direct strategy with lots of B2B meetings, in order to deliver the finest service we are famous for.

Management of the trip: We make sure you get the most value for money. Towards this, we implement our experience and deliver a low cost service with the best results possible.

Full Service: We organize the trip top to bottom. You only have to bring yourself, if you join us. Everything else will be arranged by us, including accommodation, traveling, meetings etc.



We research the chosen market in depth


We identify the best companies to be your next clients and promote you in person on the ground


We open the way for the growth of your company in exports

Trip Management

Best value for money in the market you can find


We meet with the best possible clients of yours


Complete Solution not to worry about anything

Advantages & Value you gain

We help you grow your sales, revenues, competitive advantages.

We are your:

  • part sales representative
  • part marketing analyst
  • part business analyst
  • part sales and marketing executive
  • strategic planning of exports consultant

Strategy of development trip

  • Research
  • B2B Meetings
  • Full Report

We follow all the necessary steps to make sure the trip brings you results

We meet your future clients and make your exports into reality

Looking to arrange a Business Development Trip?